Saturday, January 26, 2013

P&S TRANSPORTATION Inc. Birmingham Alabama FREIGHTLINER Sleeper Cab Truck, Flat Bed Tarped Trailer, P&S Trucking Co.

P&S TRANSPORTATION Inc. Birmingham Alabama 
FREIGHTLINER Sleeper Cab Truck, 
Flat Bed Tarped Trailer, P&S Trucking Co.

FREIGHTLINER Sleeper Cab Truck

Flatbed Trailer

P&S Transportation Birmingham Alabama
1810 Avenue C, 
Birmingham, AL 35218

P&S Trucking Birmingham Phone Numbers

 205 320-6000

2563 Commerce Cir, 
Birmingham, AL 35217

The Company has grown to a fleet consisting of over 
585 power units made up of 
510 company owned tractors and
 75 owner operators, 
and 585 platform trailers.